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The Aquarian Christine Church Universal, Inc.
The Aquarian Christine Church Universal, Inc.
is based on "The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ" (1907) transcribed by Levi  H. Dowling from the Book of Life called the Akashic Records.  "The Aquarian Gospel" tells the story of Jesus' whole life including the missing years from ages 13-30 when he traveled to India, Tibet, Persia, Greece and Egypt. "Aquarian" refers to the Age of Aquarius, the Golden Age and "Christine" means "Christ bearing." 
Levi Dowling was a Disciples of Christ minister from the age of sixteen, a Chaplain of the Union Forces in the Civil War, a Doctor of Homeopathic Medicine, a graduate of two medical colleges, a mystic, a visionary, a Theosophist, a leader within the New Thought movement and Hierophant of the Aquarian Age.  To read more about Levi, visit the Levi Dowling page.
Some of our church's teachings include: the femininity of the Holy Spirit, the Mother God; liberation from the cycle of rebirth through the Ascension process; and Ascended Masters.  The spiritual concepts of the Age of Aquarius, good/bad vibrations, karma and reincarnation that have become popular and widespread in modern American and other Western societies in the last century, is due in part to the influence of "The Aquarian Gospel."                            
The word  church" turns a lot of people off, but we use the word church in describing our organization because "The Aquarian Gospel" teaches that the Church is not a building or even our organization, but Christ Within our hearts, minds and souls. It is the Kingdom of Heaven and the Bride of Christ.  
Basically, our teachings: may be considered Theosophical, New Age and New Thought; are similar to Gnostic Christianity and are considered a continuation of the Essene traditions; there are  many shared teachings with the "I AM"/Ascended Master Teachings.  The Holy Aquarian Gospel centennial edition published by ACCU, includes in the historical writings in the introduction, "The Gospel of the Birth of Mary, According to Matthew the Apostle and Evangelist" from the 1st Century A.D., and "The Life of Saint Issa" from mysteriously discovered manuscript of esoteric Buddhist scriptures found in the Himis monastery in Tibet by Nicholas Notovich, who published their translation in 1888.  See links below to read online or visit the "Books/DVD" page to receive a copy as a gift for a donation. 

Our Purpose:
Our main purpose is Expanding the Kingdom of Heaven and transforming the earth into a Divine Paradise - literally; this is accomplished by positive thinking and action.
Healing and the relief of suffering is of great importance in our Work.  Every service focuses on healing in some aspect.  Please contact us if there is someone in need of prayer.
The perfection of the mind, body and soul is of utmost importance so we may become At-One with God, this is why great stress is placed on education and the study of the teachings.
We offer to those who become initiated into our teachings knowledge of the Sacred Name of God, the Omnific Word.  We are the Keepers of the Sacred Name and it is so powerful and holy that it must be guarded from those who would misuse or disrespect it.  
Click here for the Christopher Carpenter Confraternity, the Keepers of the Sacred Name. http://christophercarpenters.zoomshare.com/ 
ACCU, Inc. does not discriminate against anyone for any reason.  We are open to anyone regardless of age (under 18 with parental consent), sex, gender affiliation, sexual orientation, nationality, ethnicity, race and religious background.  We do reserve the right to briefly interview and screen those interested in becoming members or attending services.  All services, lectures, presentations and seminars are considered private and not open to the general public, unless otherwise stated.


We are happy to announce a new contact person for the Colorado Springs, Colorado area. Please feel free to contact Mr. Halstead. He is very interested in developing a community in his area.

William Halstead
Colorado Springs, Colorado

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* The Aquarian Gospel can be read on-line at Michael O'Keeffe's "Return Path to Eden" webiste by clicking this link.  http://home.netcom.com/~mokeeffe/Page9.941.htm

"The Holy Aquarian Gospel" is available on the Books/DVD page for a donation of $25.00 or more.  Sections of "The Holy Aquarian Gospel" are available for download:
"The Introduction," "The Gospel of the Birth of Mary according to Matthew," "The Life of Saint Issa," Click Here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1k7yGn8q3ZlRps8kK_pLFp7V3ZC3-JyseCX4fJBneQiQ/edit?authkey=CPjCm6MB&hl=en
Also included is the "Compendium", "Topical Index" & "Theosophical Correspondences," Click here:    https://docs.google.com/document/d/1eh_790ZUphHLZJtVmoIK_rLfSzl-YTgUL0RtmxNePY0/edit?authkey=CPj_2s0L&hl=en#
Throughout this website we will use "AG" as an abbreviation for the Aquarian Gospel.  The Aquarian Christine Church uses the King James Version (KJV) and the New Revised Standard Version (NRSVof the Holy Bible with the Apocrypha. Click on the Books/DVD page tab for links to read them on-line.
For the study of the Aquarian Gospel as scripture, please visit Michael O'Keeffe's "Return Path to Eden" website. Michael O'Keeffe is considered by ACCU the authority on Aquarian Gospel scriptural studies.   
Before submitting questions on teachings and scripture, be sure that you have studied all of the pages on this website and all Michael O'Keeffe's website.  Then, if you have any questions, contact us at the Aquarian Church Email:  aquachurch@yahoo.com
The Aquarian Christine Church, Universal, Inc. is open to all who are sincerely interested.  We have no paid clergy and believe in the priesthood of all believers.  Everyone is considered a minister or servant to each other.
We usually meet in each others' homes or other suitable meeting places.  We do have ordained clergy that may perform marriages and baptisms if need be.  Some clergy choose to be celibate. Emphasis is placed on silent meditation. We have no requirements for membership, but we do like to briefly interview those who are interested in attending services. Please contact us if you are interested in attending or hosting a service. 
We do not require tithes, but do accept monetary offerings given in faith and love. 
We have found that in the Light of God, we worship in Spirit and need no outward physical rituals.  We feel in many ways that we have transcended rites and now practise: Spiritual Baptism - an Immersion in the Light of God and Baptism in Fire and the Holy Spirit; and Spiritual Communion - where one experiences the Christ within themselves through silent meditation.  
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                                    THE VERONICA, which means the TRUE IMAGE    
One's Spirit is Eternal and Divine and is known as the I Am Presence.  Immersion in Light is experienced by envisioning and feeling a Pillar of bright white Light around oneself.  The Baptism by Fire and the Holy Breath is experienced by envisioning and feeling immersed in Violet Flames of Fire.  The Violet Flame transmutes all negativity, anger, and karma.

When one's soul accepts Christ, Who is Life, Light, and Love, one acknowledges one's Higher Self known as the Holy Christ Self.  Through transmuting accumulated karma and negativity by Baptism in the Violet Fire, one may become Eternally Free from the cycle of reembodiment; becoming One with God, the Mighty I AM, Ascending to the Highest Spirit Realm and becoming an Ascended Master.  This is the goal of all mankind!
To Order a Veronica, the Chart of the Mighty I Am Presence:   
Click here for the original at Saint Germain Press, Inc.:
Some of the teachings of the Aquarian Church include:
* God is a Trinity: The Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  To us the Holy Spirit is feminine and is The Mother God.  We speak of the Trinity as The Father, the Mother and Christ, The Son.
* Christ, or God the Son, is synonymous to Life, Light, and Love.  Love pervades the Universe.  Every planet that is a world has experienced Christ, God. Jesus manifested Christ and so was God and man - He is Divine.
* Seven Divine Spirits emanate from the Trinity and are called the Seven Elohim.  They are represented by the Seven Archangels in the Angelic Plane.
* We are composed of body, soul and Spirit.
* Everyone's Spirit is Divine and Immortal.  It has always existed. We refer to It as one's Divine I AM Spirit.
* Heaven and Hell are states of mind. The devil is an allegory for our self-centered, lower nature. Evil and discord are synonymous.
* We are co-creators of our own Destiny. The Kingdom of Heaven is within. We all must work to create Heaven on earth.
* The cycle of rebirth or Reincarnation is ended when we accept Christ or the Light and become One with God, Divine. This process of perfecting oneself through discipline and illumination is known as the Ascension.
* Many humans have achieved this and are known as Ascended Masters, such as: Jesus, Elijah, Moses, Buddha, Mother Mary and Joseph.
* The Ascended Lady Master Nada is Our Lord Jesus the Christ's kindred soul and perfect compliment.  Known as Miriam in the AG she was a devout disciple who sang sacred songs, stood by the cross and was the second witness to the Resurrection of Jesus. The Miriam Nada represents the Kingdom of Heaven which is the Bride of Christ.
* Silence is golden. Silent prayer is practiced at services and is considered direct communion with God, the God that lives within your heart. Spoken prayer and music is also featured.
* We do not channel disembodied spirits.  Aquarian Christines only practice communion with God Almighty and Divine and Heavenly Beings, such as Archangels and Ascended Masters. 
* The teachings discourage the casting of horoscopes and fortune telling; however, do not deny the abilities of clairvoyants, clairaudients, spiritists (not mediums or channels), mesengers, visionaries and mystics.  Everyone is "psychic" more or less.  Astrochristology is the study of Aquarian Christine Sacred Astrology, which develops Spiritual Growth through the incorporation of Divine Virtues and through the study of heavenly bodies through the blessings of Christ.  See page entitled Zodiac.

The Perfect Prayer

Our Father and Mother Who art in Heaven; [Gimel 9:16, AG]
Holy is Thy Name.  [Ain 94: 7, AG] 
Thy Kingdom is come!  [Ain 122: 9, AG]
Thy Will is being done!
Heaven and earth are one!  [Pe 129: 18, AG]
Give us today the Bread of Heaven.  [Pe 140: 21, AG]
We are forgiven, As we have forgiven others.
Lead us unto Thy Kingdom,
For Thou hast delivered us through Thy Salvation. [Vau 22: 27-31; Ain 110: 7] 
For thine is the Kingdom, and the Power,
And the Glory, Lord Christ,  [Pe 129: 19, AG]
For ever and ever. Amen.   [Lamech 59: 23, AG]

Three Sacred Rites

Rites in Aquarian Christine usage does not mean laying on of hands in blessing or healing or the Marriage Rite.  It also does not mean liturgical spoken prayer.  Rites mean rituals that require a physical object like water, wine, bread and anointing oil. 

Blessing by using the sign of the cross of children, the sick, animals, crops, anything is a basic and wonderful spiritual exercise, it is a mudra, or sacred hand gesture.  The Logos Circle Seven is a binding of negative spirits, blessing and protective hand gesture.  It is formed by taking the right hand and holding it upward with palm outward with thumb extended, the 1st and 2nd finger together pointing upward and the ring (3rd) finger and pinky (4th) finger down on the palm - forming an “L” - then a sweeping circular motion with the hand clockwise and downward with the “L” inverted into a “7".  This completes it. In English, we say as we make the sign - “Logos Circle Seven, On Earth as it is in Heaven.” It is very powerful.

As we progress towards the Perfect Age, outward physical rites like water Baptism and Remembrance Rite (bread and wine of the Lord's Supper) will become less and less practiced.  They are not thrown out and never forgotten, but gradually replaced by Spiritual Baptism and Spiritual Communion.  This is called being in the Inner Light, which is a Quaker(and Shaker) term.  Aquarian Christines may be Inner Light.

1. Baptismal Rite - Anyone baptized by any means at any age is baptized period, no re-baptism. Although, we are moving into the Perfect Age, do not refuse any sincere person baptism, called the Baptismal Rite. Since they are a minister as well, they should choose how they want to be baptized, whether by pouring with a pitcher, or by dunking (immersion) in The Name of the Father, Mother and Christ, the Son or Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  A certificate is issued.

2. Lord's Supper, called Remembrance Rite - This right should be administered however people are most familiar with, whether by a common chalice or individual little cups (with disease, colds and flu probably a good idea).  Wine is a debate:  Levi was against alcohol consumption personally, but it is not forbidden in the Aquarian Gospel.  If wine is used, a little water should be poured out first then mixed with wine in commemoration of Jesus’ first miracle at the Marriage at Cana.  The Eucharist is the Wedding Feast of Christ, Christ is the Groom; the Church/Kingdom of Heaven is the Bride.  It should be referred to as the Feast of Life.  If unfermented grape juice is used it should be treated the same as wine.  Water should eventually replace wine and grape juice as showing we are moving away from the fruit of the vine and unto the Living Water that is Christ.  The bread may be a wafer or cracker of unleavened bread (matzo); the bread may be regular leavened bread.  Regular leavened bread represents the Kingdom of Heaven expanding.  The bread and liquid used should be blessed making the sign of the cross and in The Name of the Father, Mother and Christ, the Son.

3. Anointing & Laying on of hands - Anointing with oil in the form of a cross on the forehead in the Name of the Father, Mother and Christ the Son, and laying on of hands on the top of the head and blowing air on the receiver where they have been anointed is less of a physical ritual.  Anointing & Laying on of Hands Rite is performed for Confirmation(Fire Baptism, reception of the Holy Spirit after Baptism), Ordination & Holy Orders, Healing of the Sick, and for Blessing of Infants, parents, pets, etc. and accompanying Last Rites.   Myrrh oil mixed with almond or olive oil or all three is suggested, but oil is oil.  Oil represents combustion and we are all to become a Living Flame of Light through the Baptism of Fire and the Holy Spirit.  This initiates one into receiving Spiritual Baptism which is a meditative visualization and should be practiced always.

“I Am a Lamp.

Christ is the Oil of Life.

The Holy Breath is the Fire.

Walk in the Light, the Light of Life.”

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