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Holy Trinity

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Holy Trinity
The Triune God is the Holy Trinity
God the One - The AG teaches that once God was Unmanifested and then he manifested the Trinity, who in turn manifested the Seven Elohim who created the universe.  God Unmanifested expands through Its Divine Emanations, all of creation and the universe and is called the Universal Breath or Universal Spirit.  In the Far East It is known as Tao or the Way.  In the AG It is called Brahm.

The Triune God - God Unmanifested, the Universal Breath breathed forth and became the Father-God and Mother-God. And when the Father and the Mother breathed forth Christ, the Son was begotten.  We speak of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, the Holy Trinity, as the Father, the Mother and Christ, the Son.

The Father-God or God the Father is Jehovah.  He is known in Hinduism as Parabrahm.  The Greeks knew Him as Zeus and the Egyptians knew Him as Thoth.  In the AG He is called God Omnipotent, Power, Strength, Righteousness, the God of Might, and the Thought of God.       
The Mother-God or God the Mother is Visel (pronounced viz -zell) which means 'Wise God' and 'God Energy.'  She is the Goddess Wisdom, the Holy Breath or Holy Spirit, the Comforter.  In the AG, She is called God Omniscient, Wisdom, and Truth.  Holy Sophia, Beloved Goddess Visel, is invoked as Our Heavenly Mother, along with Our Heavenly Father, and Christ the Son.                  
Christ, God the Son is the God of Love.  He is the Only Son of God the Father and Mother, yet we are all children of God, but we are not God Almighty as Christ is.  Christ is known as Krisht or Krista in Hinduism and Krishna is a related name.  In the AG, Christ is referred to as Life, Light and Love.  The Bride of Christ is the Kingdom of Heaven, the Kingdom of Christ and is called Christine, the Church.  See "The Holy Cross" below. To every world in the universe a Mighty Soul Manifests the Christ.  On our planet, many have Manifested the Christ.  
The Three Manifests of the Christ 
Beloved Jesus manifested the Christ as the Nazarene (Jesus of Nazareth), the Prince of Peace; and is also considered to have manifested the Christ as Seth, the son of Adam, the Son of Man.  In invocation he is addressed as Lord Jesus the Christ.
Melchisedec manifested the Christ as the King of Peace and Justice, the King of Salim (Salem); and is also considered to have manifested the Christ as the historical Krishna.  Melchisedec is known esoterically as the Maitreya or Lord of Love.  Gautama Buddha is an Aspect of the Maitreya, who some consider a separate life stream.  In invocation he is addressed as Lord Maitreya.  He is the Cosmic Christ.
Enoch manifested the Christ as Enoch the prophet, the grandfather of Noah and is also considered to have manifested the Christ as the prophet Zarathustra or Zoroaster, the founder of Zoroastrianism.  Zarathustra is known esoterically as Oromasis, in honor of his association with Ahura Mazda (Ormazd, Oromasdes).  In invocation he is addressed as Lord Oromasis, Prince of Fire or Prince Oromasis.  He is the Cosmic Zarathustra.
The Symbolism of the Cross
The Holy Cross not only represents the crucifixion of Our Lord Jesus the Christ, as the Savior, but represents the Path of Christ Consciousness-the Way.   The Holy Cross also represents the Holy Quaternity, which consists of the Holy Trinity-the Triune God-and Heaven, the Bride of Christ, Christine the Church.  The Top three ends of the cross represent the Holy Trinity and the lower end represents the Bride of Christ, the Kingdom of Heaven.
The cross also represents God the Son, Christ, and the Three Manifests of Christ: the top end representing Christ, God the Son; the two center ends representing Melchizedec the Christ (Lord Maitreya) and Enoch the Christ (Lord Oromasis, Zarathustra), who are Cherubim which embodied to Manifest the Christ; and the bottom end representing Jesus the Christ, the Son of Man, the Savior of Mankind. The Christ Manifests thru the two Cherubim, who serve as Vessels for the Lord, who 'sits enthroned upon the cherubim.' (Psalm 99: 1, NRSV)
The Christ, God the Son, rules all the elements & this is symbolized by the cross: the top part, the Christ rules Air, Spirit, the Aether; Lord Maitreya rules Water & Lord Oromasis rules Fire; and Jesus the Christ rules the Earth & Mankind.
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