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The Ascended Host is the Brotherhood of Ascended Masters. They are known in the AG as the Silent Brotherhood Clothed in  Shimmering White and are known in Theosophy as The Great White Brotherhood (white referring to their auras and robes, not their race.) During the 19th and 20th centuries, several Ascended Masters came forth from the Divine Spirit Realm and were prominent in giving Theosophical teaching and instruction, therefore bringing greater Enlightenment to the world.
    Those members of the Ascended Host that are mentioned in the AG are referred to as Aquarian Masters.  Ascended Masters are those who have become At-One with God and are Divine.  They are not compelled to embody on the physical plane and are eternally free from the cycle of rebirth. They commune with the righteous seeker and may be called upon to assist us in any constructive way.  This is a central teaching of the AG.  Jesus communed with Ascended Masters and was over-shadowed (watched over) by the Master the Maitreya; AG 40.  

    * Lord Jesus the Christ - In Aquarian Christine teachings Jesus, the Christine Master is the head of the Brotherhood of Aquarian Masters.  This teaching is found in all of Levi Dowling's work and is found in Twelve Lessons in Truth - Aum (1931) by Julianna McKee which is endorsed by Levi's son Leo W. Dowling. Before embodying as Jesus of Nazareth, Jesus embodied as Abel, the son of Adam (Son of Man, Son of Manu) and returned as Seth. Seth was considered by many ancients to be a Manifest of Christ.  Jesus later embodied as Solomon, King of Israel, and then again as the prophet Elisha.
Jesus speaks at the Transfiguration:
Heaven and earth are one; masters there and masters here are one. The veil that separates the worlds is but an ether veil. For those who purify their hearts by faith the veil is rolled aside, and they can see and know that death is an illusive thing.  -  AG 129
The Great Work of the Ascended Masters:
The great work of masters is to restore the heritage of man; to return him to his estate he lost, when he will live again upon the ethers of his native plane.  -  AG 32

The following names and biographical sketches are derived from Theosophy (Levi was a Theosophist) and are esoteric in nature.  They are the names of these Masters in their Ascended State.  We speak of those who are associated with particular Sacred Rays as a Hierarch. 

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    * Nada (nah - duh) - The soul mate of Jesus, the disciple who sang sacred songs, stood by the Cross and was the second witness to the Resurrection. Known as Miriam in the AG she was an Adept in the Temple of the Silent Brotherhood in Heliopolis in Egypt, where she was the Maiden of Divine Love in the Initiations of the Seven Degrees that Jesus achieved his Victory and title of Christ. Miriam was one of “The Three Marys at the Tomb;” the others being Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary. The Miriam Nada represents the Kingdom of Heaven which is the Bride of Christ. Miriam is the same as Mary the Jewess or Miriam the Jewess  who later resided in Alexandria, Egypt, the great inventor of the still and the bain-marie (water-bath; double boiler) and Lady Master of alchemy; esoteric tradition and the AG teach that she was the reembodiment of Miriam, the Prophetess and sister of Moses, who watched over him in the bullrushes when he was cast adrift in the Nile in a basket.  Nada later embodied as the Queen of Sheba.
Victory, A Song of Miriam
Bring forth the harp, bring forth the cymbal, all ye choirs of Heaven,
Join in the song, the new, new song.
The Lord, with His own Hand has pulled back the curtains of the night;
The sun of Truth is flooding Heaven and earth;
God is our strength and our song;
Our salvation and our hope, and we will build a New House for Him;
We will cleanse and purify our hearts.
We are the Temple of the Holy Breath.
We are the Tabernacle of God; We are the Holy Land;
We are the New Jerusalem; Allelujah, praise the Lord!  -  AG 110

    * John the Beloved - The only Apostle that stood by the Cross.  He was one of the Evangelists and wrote Revelation.  He is also known as the Beloved Disciple and St. John the Divine.  He is the only Apostle who Ascended at the end of that embodiment.  John embodied as the patriarch Jacob, later known as Israel.  Later, John reembodied as Jonathon, beloved friend of King David.
     *  Afra - In the AG, Afra is known as Simon of Cyrene, the friend of Jesus who helped him bear his cross to Calvary.  Jesus may have known Simon, an African from Libya, from his boyhood in Egypt, where it is said even to this day that the Holy Family journeyed far down the Nile & into surrounding countries.  There are churches erected by the Coptic Church where traditionally they were said to have traveled, trading, weaving & carpentry work.  Afra helped prepare Jesus for his coming crucifixion in an inner way, by not only helping him, but giving his soul strength through true Friendship and Brotherhood.  Afra means simply 'a fra' - a brother.
'A Man named Simon, a friend of Jesus, was a‑near the scene and since the bruised and wounded Jesus could not bear his cross, they laid it on the shoulders of this Man and made him bear it on to Calvary.' -  Koph 168: 27

      *  Magda - In the AG, Magda is known as Mary Magdalene, a wealthy patron of the Christines, whose home was used as a meeting house for the Church.  She was the 3rd Witness to the Resurrection.

       *  Theosophia - In the AG, Theosophia is known as Mary of Bethany, the sister of Martha and Lazarus, who Jesus resurrected.  Mary anointed Jesus on Holy Wednesday as King of Kings, and she is remembered for Eternity for this Honor.  It is said she embodied as Mary Baker Eddy, the founder of Christian Science, before she Ascended.
    * Elijah - After Ascending in a Fiery Chariot, the prophet Elijah later embodied as John the Baptist.  He appeared after his martyrdom is the Ascended State with Moses beside Jesus at the Transfiguration.  Elijah embodied as David, King of Israel, and father of Solomon.
    * Serapis - In the AG, Serapis is known as Matheno, Hierophant of the Lodge of the Heavens and Earth of the Silent Brotherhood in the Temples of Sakara, Heliopolis (and Luxor) in Egypt; teacher of John the Baptist (Elijah;) and one of the Seven Sages. He embodied  as Manetho, the great philospher priest of Serapis at Heliopolis.  Much of what we know about Egyptology comes from the writings of Manetho.
   * Mary, mother of Jesus - Jesus’ mother who instructed and inspired him in his early childhood.  She remained one of the most faithful disciples, stood by the Cross and was the first person to witness the Resurrection.  Mary came from the Angelic plane to serve as mother for Jesus the Manifest of Christ.
The Aquarian Angelis
'Hail Mary, full of Grace,
The Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou amongst women.' 
- Luke 1:28
'Hail Mary, hail! Once Blessed in the Name of God;
Twice Blessed in the Name of Holy Breath;
Thrice Blessed in the Name of Christ; for thou art worthy.' 
- AG 2:15
The Aquarian Rosary 
Hail Heavenly Mother Divine!
Fill with Grace this vessel of mine.
The Father and Son are with Thee.
Blessed art Thou above all creation.
Hail Heavenly Mother Divine!
My thrice blessed heart like a sun doth shine.
I Am once blessed by the Father.
I Am twice blessed by the Son.
I Am thrice blessed by the Holy Breath.
I Am the Resurrection and the Life.
I Am the Victory over death.
I Am the Ascension in the Light.
I Am, I Am, I Am, world without end
    * Moses - founder of Judaism and the first person to whom God revealed His Sacred Name, *********, which means “I AM that I AM.” He appeared in the Ascended Master State with Elijah beside Jesus at the Transfiguration.  Moses was Hierarch of the Age of Aries. 
    * Djwal Kul (jew - all - cool) - Known as Kaspar, one of the three Magi and also one of the Seven Sages in the AG.  He is the bearer of the Healing Aqua Light, Ray and Flame.  Kaspar means “treasure master” and Djwal Kul means “the cool flame.”  Djwal Kul embodied as Saint Patrick and Padmasambhava.
  He was overshadowed by Lord Maitreya in both embodiments.
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    * Lord Maitreya (my - trey - yah) - He is known in the AG as Lord Melchisedec the Christ and was embodied as the historical Krishna. Gautama Buddha is an Aspect of the Maitreya, although many consider him to be a separate lifestream. Krishna and Gautama Buddha are both considered  Manifests of Christ.  Jesus lived and studied in his temple in India.  Jesus also journeyed to Tibet to study the teaching of Buddha.  The Maitreya was the Great Master who overshadowed Jesus.  Melchisedec is mentioned in Genesis, the Gospels and Hebrews.
Words of the Buddha, the Ascended Master the Lord Maitreya
 'He is the noble man who is himself what he believes that other men should be.'  'Love will purify the heart of him who is beloved as truly as it purifies the heart of him who loves.' - AG 11

    * Morya (more - ree - uh) - He was the patriarch Abraham, who later embodied as Melzone (mell - zone - nay) known also as Melchior, one of the three Magi in the AG.  Morya also embodied as Methuselah, the son of Enoch the Christ, Lord Oromasis.  Methuselah lived longer than anyone in recorded history and was the grandfather of Noah, an Aspect of the Manu, the Divine Director.

   * The Great Divine Director - The Manu or progenitor of mankind, whose Aspects embodied as Adam Kadmon the Adi-Manu, Adam and Eve, and Noah and his wife. In the AG, he is called Vidyapati (vee - juh - paw - duh), one of the Seven Sages and in India appeared unto Jesus in the Ascended Master state to instruct him in teachings.  The Divine Director oversees all human embodiment and is also a Cosmic Being.
  The  Divine Director exudes Glory         Lord Meru, Adam Kadmon, the Adi-Manu
    * Saint Germain - Jesus’ father Joseph the carpenter who later returned in the Ascended Master State as the mysterious, miracle worker the Count of Saint Germain. He founded many lodges of secret societies.  Saint Germain means “holy brother.” Prior to embodying as Joseph, the husband of Mary, he was embodied as the Prophet Samuel.  He is the bearer of the teachings about the Violet Flame, which by the Grace of God dissolves all discord, karma and negativity.

       * Lord Oromasis (czar - uh - thoo - struh) - Known as Lord Enoch the Christ who Ascended to Heaven in Genesis, he later embodied as Zarathustra the founder of Zoroastrianism.  Zarathustra or Zoroaster is considered a Manifest of Christ as well.  Esoterically and in Theosophy he is known as Prince Oromasis, in recognition of him being the Initiate and Prophet of Ahura Mazda (Ormazd, Ormasdes; Sanat Kumara).  Lord Oromasis is the Prince of Fire, Hierarch of the Sacred Fire, and Ruler of the spirits of fire and the element of fire.  


   * Maha Chohan (mah - choh - hahn)- The Maha Chohan means “great spirituality.”  He was Apollonius of Tyana and is known as Apollo, one of the Seven Sages in the AG. The Maha Chohan was also the poet Homer of Ancient Greece in an earlier embodiment.


    * Lanto - He appeared in the Ascended Master State unto Jesus in Tibet and is known as Meng-Ste (ming - zay) one of the Seven Sages in the AG.  He was the great Chinese philosophers Laotan  (Lao-Tzu) and Mencius in earlier embodiments.
    * Kuthumi (koo - too - mee) - Known as Zara (czar - uh) also known as Balthasar, one of the three Magi in the AG.  He was Pythagoras in an earlier embodiment and later embodied as Saint Francis, patron of animals.  Kuthumi also assists animals, especially pets, in a peaceful passing.  Kuthumi and Jesus the Christ both have the title of World Teacher.

   *Chananda- The Spiritual Head of the Silent Brotherhood (Great White Brotherhood) in India.  He is known as Lamaas (pronounced la moss) in the AG and was Jesus friend during his travels in India and came to Judea to witness Jesus' Ministry.  Jesus referred to him as "The Star of India" in  AG 80.

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