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The Seven Mighty Elohim are the Seven Divine Spirits that stand before the Throne of the Triune God, the Holy Trinity. In the AG they are also referred to as the Septonate. They are 'the Seven Spirits before the Throne' in Revelation.  The Seven Elohim are aspects of Divinity and performed the miracle of the Creation of the Universe through the direction of the Trinity.  They are referred to as 'the morning stars who sang' in Job and are referred to by the names of the stars and constellations: Arcturus ("the Bear" in the NRSV), Orion, Pleiades and the Dawn in Job and in Amos.  
We were created in Their Image - Man and Woman.  They are considered the lesser Gods according to the AG.  They are known by different names in different religions: in Hinduism, they are known as Sanat Kumara and the Holy Kumaras; in Buddhism, they are known as the Adi-Buddha and the Dhyani Buddhas; in Zoroastrianism, they are known as Ahura Mazda and the Amesha Spentas. The Seven Mighty Elohim are Arcturus (Ahura Mazda), Cassiopeia, Hercules (Hare Krishna), Cyclopea (the All-Seeing Eye; Pleiades), Purity (Astrea), Orion (Eros; Elohim of Love) and Peace (Aurora the Dawn).  The Seven Elohim direct and bestow each of the Seven Flames that make up the Sevenfold Flame of the Sacred Fire. 
The Elohim Arcturus has a focus in the star Arcturus, which is one of the brightest stars from our viewpoint. Arcturus is associated with the Divine Mercy and Righteousness. He is known as Ahura Mazda in the AG and Zoroastrianism. In Hinduism, He is known as Sanat Kumara; and in Buddhism, as the Adi-Buddha and Brahma Sanam Kumara.  He is the greatest of the Elohim and is called the Ancient of Days in DanielAhura Mazda or Sanat Kumara is the  aspect of  the Elohim Arcturus for  the earth and our solar system.  The Elohim Arcturus also is the bestower of  the Violet Flame of Transmutation  unto mankind.    
The Elohim of Purity is known as Purity in the AG and represents Purity, Hope, and the Resurrection and Ascension Processes.  Purity is known as Astrea (Astraea) and is depicted as feminine and holding the Scales of Justice in one hand and brandishing the Sword of Purity in the other hand.  Astraea was associated with the constellation Virgo, crowned with Coma Berenices and holding the scales of Libra.  She is called the Goddess of Purity and Justice and wields the  Sword of Blue Flame which vibrates a blue-white hue.  She bestows the blessings and  purity of the White Flame of Purity, Hope & the Resurrection.   
The Elohim Cyclopea is known as the All Seeing Eye and is associated with the constellation of the Pleiades.  Cyclopea is associated also with healing, scientific knowledge and supply (Divine Providence).  The Silent Planetary Watcher of the earth is the Aspect of the Elohim Cyclopea for the earth and our solar system.  The Elohim Cyclopea is the bestower of the Aqua Flame and Aqua Ray of Healing, Science and Supply.
        Image      The Pleiades
The Elohim Hercules is referred to as Strength in the AG and the name Hercules is a cognate of Hare Krishna, which means the Strength of Christ.  Our sun is on a path speeding through space towards a point within the constellation of Hercules.  Surya, is the aspect of  the Elohim Hercules that is also associated with the constellation of Sirius, a neighboring binary star system.  The name Surya is derived from Hebrew and means "God's Command."  Surya is the Aspect of Hercules for our solar system and is also known as Sujata Kumara.  The Maitreya (Krishna; Melchisedec) is the  Cherubic Aspect of Surya, the Elohim of Sirius.  Hercules is the bestower of the Blue Flame of Power, Faith and Protection.
   binary star system of Sirius
The Elohim Orion is the Elohim of Love and was known in ancient Greece as Eros, a Mighty Divine Being who wielded great cosmic power.  Orion is mentioned in Job and Amos.  Orion bestows the soft Pink Flame of Love and Compassion; it is an aspect of the Violet Flame, and the synthesis of the two is called the Lavender Flame of Love, Mercy and Compassion used frequently in Reiki healing.  Sananda Kumara is the Aspect of Orion for our solar system.    

The Elohim of Peace is known as Peace in the AG and is also associated with Calmness, Grace and Tranquility.  Peace is depicted as feminine and is associated with the Dawn; the AG often refers to the Dawn of Peace.  She was known as Eos in ancient Greece, Aurora in ancient Rome, Ushas in Hinduism and Buddhism, and Ushah in Zoroastrianism.  She is known as the Goddess of Peace and is associated with the Dawn and the atmosphere.  Being the Divine Spirit of our atmosphere, she serves as a vessel for the Holy Breath, the Mother God, which is the very Breath of Life.  Like the Holy Mother Spirit, her symbol is the Dove of Peace.  The Elohim of Peace bestows the Purple Flame of Peace, Grace and Tranquility; it is an aspect of the Violet Flame.
The Elohim Cassiopeia was known as Apollo in antiquity, Mitra in Hinduism and Mithra (Mithras) in Zoroastrianism.  Anciently, Mithra (Mithras) was identified with the constellation Perseus neighboring Cassiopeia.  The Solar Ruler of our sun is an Aspect of the Elohim Cassiopeia and is known in the New Testament as Helios in the original Greek.   He is referred to as Heloi in the AG.

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