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ASTROCHRISTOLOGY (criss' tology)


The Four and Twenty Ancient Ones are the Cherubim and Seraphim who encircle the throne of God. The cherubim are male and the seraphim are female and in pairs each rule a constellation or house of the zodiac. At the turn of each age, the rulership of the age is passed from one pair of cherubim and seraphim to the next. In the section of the AG called The Cusp of the Ages, Levi witnesses the transition from the Piscean to the Aquarian Age. The Piscean rulers were the cherubim Rama (Ramasa) and the seraphim Vacabiel. They passed their crown and scepter to the cherubim Archer (Aquaria) and the seraphim Akmaquil (s’Akmaquil). These names correspond with the nomenclature of the twenty-four Genii of Ceremonial Magic according to Eliphas Levi. The names in ceremonial magic contain many prefixes, syllables and suffixes using “s” and “sa” meaning ‘one who’ or ‘one that’ as a title and to keep the uninitiated from learning their true names. The better known names of the cherubim and seraphim are found in The Law of Life and Teachings of Divine Beings, Book I by A.D.K. Luk. The Christine teaching is that the twelve cherubim and twelve seraphim are "the four and twenty elders" in Revelation.

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This beautiful chart pictured above shows the scientifically accurate & actual position of the zodiac for this current era.  Horoscopes of astrology are based on positions of constellations as they were 4,320 years ago in the Age of Aries (The Judaic Age, Age of the Father).  We have since moved throught the Age of Pisces (The Christian Age, the Age of the Son) which began no later than around 160 B.C.; and have now entered a New Age, the Age of Aquarius (The Age of the Holy Breath, Holy Spirit, the Age of the Mother).

This system of study is called Astrochristology (the study of Christ Consciousness & the Stars) is now aligned exactly with the months and is scientifically accurate as opposed to astrology, which is considered superstition and negative as is all fortune telling, horoscopes, channeling spirits, mediums, and black magic. This system will also be accurate for the next 720 years when it will again be affected by precession and will move forward another ten days each month. The Aquarian Christine Church teaches that the Christian calendar as it is now, is the most perfect and accurate of all calendars, including the days starting at midnight as do the major Holy Days. One need only fourteen calendars perpetually because the exact order of days repeats in cycles.

‘In Spirit I was caught away into the realms of Akasha; I stood alone within the circle of the sun. ‘I saw the four and twenty Cherubim and Seraphim that guard the circle of the sun, the mighty ones who were proclaimed by masters long ago “the four and twenty ancient ones."

'I heard the names of every Cherubim and Seraphim, and learned that every sign in all the Zodiac is ruled by two-a Cherubim and Seraphim.'

'And then I stood upon the cusp where ages meet. The Piscean Age had passed; the Aquarian Age had just begun.’ - AG, The Cusp of the Ages

When the sun is in one of the constellations of the zodiac: the earth, the sun and the constellation are in alignment. Each month the corresponding Cherubim and Seraphim pour out their blessings on the Earth and should be invoked.

‘But man will full regain his lost estate, his heritage; but he must do it in a conflict that cannot be told in words. Yea, he must suffer trials and temptations manifold; but let him know that cherubim and seraphim that rule the stations of the sun, and spirits of the mighty God who rule the solar stars are his protectors and his guides, and they will lead to victory.’ - AG, Man


mentioned in AG 60: 10


Sagittarius - January

Virtue through invocation: Enthusiasm

Emblem of Sagittarius: the Archer

Sacred Ray: Violet

Cherubim: Vuhori, embodied as Enoch the Christ and as the prophet and master Zarathustra, ruler of the spirits of fire. In both embodiments he was the Messenger and Manifest of the Elohim Arcturus, and his Aspect Ahura Mazda, Sanat Kumara; and is known as Prince Oromasis, referring to him representing Ahura Mazda (Oromasdes, Ormazd). He is invoked as Lord Oromasis, the Prince of Fire and Cosmic Zarathustra.

 Ascended Master Lord Oromasis, Prince of the Sacred Fire

Seraphim: Saritiel, known as Vesta in Ceremonial Magic, she is invoked in decrees today as the Cosmic Being Victoria.

Capricorn - February

Virtues through invocation: Perception and Intuition

Emblem of Capricorn: the Dolphin

Sacred Ray: Yellow

Cherubim: s’Agdalon, an Aspect of Apollo, the Lord Maha Chohan.  Apollo is known as the Defender of the Oracle of Delphi, beginning in AG 44.  The Temple of Delphi was dedicated to Apollo and Delphi means "dolphin", a symbol of salvation and Christ, read AG 178.

 Ascended Master Lord Maha Chohan

Seraphim: s’Emaquil, known as Minerva and Athena (Pallas Athena), she is associated with Truth and Wisdom. Like Apollo, the Maha Chohan, she represents the Goddess Wisdom, the Mother God, the Holy Spirit (Breath) and is the feminine Seraphic Aspect of the Elohim Cassiopeia. 

Aquarius - March

Virtues through invocation: Progress and Spiritual Growth

Emblem of Aquarius: the Waterbearer

Sacred Ray: Violet

Cherubim: Archer, known as Aquaria. In Buddhism, he is known as Avalokiteshvara, an Aspect of the Amitabha Buddha & the Adi-Buddha, who is Sanat Kumara.

  Ascended Lady Master Quan Yin, Madonna of Mercy

Seraphim: Sakmaquil (s'Akmaquil; Akmaquil, pronounced "aqua quill") is Beloved Ascended Lady Master Quan Yin, the Ruler of the Aquarian Age. In Taoism and Buddhism, Quan Yin represents Divine Mercy and holds a vase containing the Water of Life. Also known as Aquaria, she is associated with the Mother God and the Aquarian Age is the Age of the Holy Spirit, the Goddess Wisdom. Although, Aquaria is referred to as "he," the name may be applied to Akmaquil or Quan Yin regarding her representing the Divine Feminine Nature. She is referred to also as s'Akmaquil in The Cusp of the Ages in the AG.

Pisces - April

Virtue through invocation: Purity

Emblem of Pisces: the Fishes

Sacred Ray: Blue

Cherubim: Rama’sa (Rama), known as Neptune, is the co-ruler of the spirits of water and the past Co-Ruler of the Piscean Age which is associated with the Christian dispensation. He is also known as Poseidon and is an Aspect of Surya, the Maitreya.

Seraphim: Vacabiel, known as Sita.

Aries - May

Virtue through invocation: Wisdom

Emblem of Aries: the Lamb

Sacred Ray: Gold / Purple

Cherubim: sa’Taaran, known as Thor, co-ruler of the spirits of the air.

Seraphim: s’Arahiel, known as Aries, co-ruler of the spirits of the air. She is also known as Ariel in AG 19 and is the Spirit Guardian of the Heavenly City, New Jerusalem. Aries was the Ruler of the Arian Age of the Judaic dispensation.

Taurus - June

Virtues through invocation: Faith, Strength, Courage and Power

Emblem of Taurus: the Ox or Bull

Sacred Ray: Blue

Cherubim: Bagdal is an Aspect of the Elohim Hercules. He should be addresssed as the Cosmic Being Hercules.

Seraphim: Araziel, known as Amazonia.

Gemini - July

Virtues through invocation: Love and Selflessness

Emblem of Gemini: Eden

Sacred Ray: Blue

Cherubim: s’Agras (Agras) embodied as Melchisedec the Christ and Krishna and is known as the Ascended Master the Maitreya, the Cosmic Christ. He is the Cherubic Aspect of the Elohim Hercules (Hare Krishna).

Seraphim: Sariel, also known as Yasodhara and Radha.

Cancer (All Seeing Eye) - August

Virtues thru invocation: Concentration & Consecration

Emblem of Cancer: the All Seeing Eye

Sacred Ray: Green

Cherubim: Rahdar is an Aspect of the Elohim Cyclopea. In invocation he should be addressed as the Cosmic Being Cyclopea. The All Seeing Eye is associated with Divine Providence and scientific advances such as: CAT scans, radar, radiation therapy, x-ray, lasers, laser surgery, ultrasound, etc.

Seraphim: Phaquil (pronounced pack quill; Phakiel), known as the Cosmic Being Virginia.

Leo - September

Virtues through invocation: Courtesy and Dignity

Emblem for Leo: the Lion

Sacred Ray: Yellow

 Apollo means 'Son of Light'; Cosmic Being Apollo

Cherubim: s’Agham, Agham, embodied as Apollo, the Ascended Master the Maha Chohan, the Manifest of the Elohim Cassiopeia (Helios). He is the Ascended Master who is the Representative of the Holy Spirit, the Mother God.

Seraphim: Seratiel, known as the Cosmic Being Minerva.

Virgo - October

Virtues through invocation: Assurance and Confidence

Emblem for Virgo: the Harvest Maiden, Mother Earth

Sacred Ray: Green

Cherubim: Jadara, known as Pelleur, co-ruler of the spirits of the earth, related specifically to the Magnetic Core of Iron, tectonics and mineral production, etc.

Seraphim: Schaltiel, known as Virgo, the Ruler of the spirits of the earth . She was known anciently as Persephone in Greece, and as Proserpine or Prosperina in Rome. Virgo is the feminine Seraphic Aspect of the Elohim Cyclopea, the Silent Planetary Watcher of the earth. Virgo may be thought of as Mother Earth.

Libra (Liberty) - November

Virtue through invocation: Liberty

Emblem of Libra: Liberty

Sacred Ray: White

Cherubim: Grasgarben embodied as Manetho, high priest of Serapis (Osiris) known as Matheno in the AG, and is also known as the Ascended Master Serapis. The title Serapis Bey means esoterically “the Seraphic Lord,” this refers to him working closely with all the Seraphim.

  Ascended Master Serapis, the Seraphic Lord

Seraphim: Hadaquil (Hadakiel), known as Liberty, she was known anciently as Ceres, Demeter and Isis. Mighty Liberty depicted with her torch held high symbolizes illumination. This is symbolic of Ceres' torch-led search for Persephone (see Virgo) and Isis' search for Osiris in the land of the dead. She is referred to as Liberty in the AG.

Scorpio (Eagle) - December

Virtue through invocation: Victory

Emblem of Scorpio: the Eagle

Sacred Ray: Pink

Cherubim: Riehol, known as Mighty Victory, he is referred to as Victory in the AG. He represents the Victory over the forces of darkness and the Victory of the attainment of the Consciousness of At-One-ment with God through the Ascension process.  Mighty Victory is the Cherubic Aspect of the Elohim Orion.

  Cosmic Being Mighty Victory, the Tall Master from Venus

'...there is no failure for the human soul, for God is leading on and Victory is sure.' - Man 41, AG

Seraphim: Sessael, known as Justine.

 The Six-pointed Star is the emblem of Mighty Victory.


To learn more about Astrochristology, read The Initiations of the Aquarian Masters, by J. L. Watson available on the "Books/DVD" page.



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