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Angels and Archangels, known also as Messengers play a very important part in the AG and today in the lives of the Aquarian Christines and millions around the world.  It is said that the apparent wings of angels are really their auras and the Spiritual Energy they exude; symbolically, their wings convey the idea of their swiftness.  Levi names the Seven Archangels in his book Self-Culture; they are the same as in "The I AM," Ascended Master Teachings.  The Seven Archangels named by Levi are:  Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Zadkiel, Cassiel (also known as Jophiel,) and Camael (better known as Chamuel).  Each of the Seven Archangels represent the Seven Mighty Elohim and have feminine Archangelic Aspects often associated with specific Virtues.  All of the names of the Archangels, both male and female Aspects, are named in the Holy Bible and in the AG.

Archangel Michael is referenced in several passages of the Bible: Daniel 10, 12; Jude 9; and Revelation 12.  Michael is the Angel of Protection, Prince of the Angelic Host, and called the Captain of the Lord's Host in Joshua 5. He appeared unto Moses in the burning bush, Exodus 3Pe 155, AG.  Our Divine I AM Spirit and Higher Self is compared to the Captain of the Host in the AG, Daleth 14:15 . He appears as the Angel on the horse clad in golden armor in 2nd Maccabees 3.  We may call upon Archangel Michael to protect us, especially before traveling by giving the Lord Michael Decree.  Archangel Michael works in unison with and at the direction of our own Mighty I AM Spirit.  The title "Lord"  is used as title of respect and does not imply he is equal to the Lord God Almighty; the title "Prince" may be substituted for "Lord".                           
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The Lord Michael
Lord Michael before, Lord Michael behind.
Lord Michael to the left, Lord Michael to the right.
Lord Michael above, Lord Michael below.
Lord Michael, Lord Michael wherever I go.
I AM his Love protecting here.
I AM his Love protecting here.
I AM his Love protecting here.  (- Summit Lighthouse, Inc.)

The Cosmic Being Faith is the feminine Aspect of Archangel Michael and bestows the virtue of faith.  She is the Queen of Light who bears the Crystal Sword that cuts the cords of karma from the individual's physical body and lifestream.  The Divine Virtue of Faith is mentioned throughout the scriptures, including the following passage from the AG.
'Once Faith walked forth in Babylon; and she was bright and fair; but she was clothed in such white robes that men became afraid of her.' Lamed 57:2, AG   
Archangel Gabriel is the Angel of the Annunciation mentioned in Beth 2, AG, and in Luke 1.  Gabriel appeared until the prophet Daniel in Daniel 8-9.  Gabriel is the Angel of the Resurrection, who was the White-Robed Form who rolled the stone away from the Tomb of Jesus at the Resurrection.  'And then the White-Robed Form tramped on the Roman seal and then He tore it into shreds; He took the mighty stone in hand as though it were a pebble from the brook, and cast it to the side.' Resh 172:34, AG; Matthew 28: 2-7.  Gabriel is also known as Graphael, the Keeper of the Scrolls, the Akashic Records. AG 158  He is the Recording Angel and is identified with the Man Clothed in Linen in Ezekiel 9-10.
The Cosmic Being Hope is the feminine Aspect of Archangel Gabriel and bestows the Divine Virtue of Hope, referenced throughout the scriptures.  Hope is the Spirit of the Resurrection and commands the mother-of-pearl and white colored Resurrection Flame, a sort of iridescent and pearlescent white flame that swirls upward and clockwise.  Things of a Spiritual nature often are found to turn or rotate towards the right, clockwise, and not widdershins or counterclockwise, to the left.  'Thus Hope will ever be his Beacon Light; there is no failure for the human soul, for God is leading on and Victory is sure.' Man 41, AG
Archangel Raphael is the Angel of Healing and appears in Tobit as Azariah, the companion of Tobias, who vanquishes a demon.  He is identified with Azrael, another name for the prophet Ezra in the AG; it has been taught esoterically that Raphael embodied as Ezra.  Azrael is the Angel of a Peaceful Passing.  In 2nd Esdras 3, Ezra is also known as Salathiel.

Ascended Lady Master Beloved Mary, mother of Jesus, is the feminine Aspect of Archangel Raphael.  She embodied in order to bear Jesus the Manifest of Christ.  Many believe she was a virgin when she conceived.  Since her Ascension, she has been called the Queen of Angels.  Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary command legions of Angels of the Aqua Flame of Healing. 
Archangel Uriel appeared unto the prophet Ezra in 2nd Esdras 4, 10.  Uriel is the Messenger of Peace who heralded the birth of Jesus with glad tidings, Beth 3, AG and in the following passage.
'...the shepherds watched their flocks and heard the Messenger of Peace exclaim: At midnight in a cave in Bethlehem the Prince of Peace is born.' Samech 76;3-4, AG
The Cosmic Being Grace, the angelic Aspect of Aurora and the feminine Aspect of Archangel Uriel, who bestows the virtue and feeling of Grace.  She is also known as Donna Grace, which means Lady Grace, but the name conveys the meaning "Dawn of Grace."  Beloved Grace filled Mary, mother of Jesus, with her Divine Virtue and overshadowed her in Luke 1
'I have not hid Thy Righteousness within my heart; I have declared Thy faithfulness and Grace.' Ain 121:12, AG

Archangel Jophiel is the Angel of Illumination and is known as  Jeremiel in 2 Esdras 4, where he explains the mystic visions unto Ezra.  See Archangel Raphael.
The Cosmic Being Christine is the Angel of Constancy, the Christine Angel, the Angel of the Christine Church and is the feminine Aspect of  Jophiel.  She represents the Christine Church, is present at all Aquarian Christine services and is the Angel of Christine Consciousness, referenced throughout the AG.  Christine commands legions of Christine Angels who guide and instruct Christines.   
Archangel Zadkiel appears unto the prophet Ezra as Phaltiel in 2nd Esdras 5.  In Judaic and Christian tradition, Zadkiel is the angle who stopped Abraham from sacrificing his son Isaac in Genesis 22.  He is the Angel of Mercy and the Angel of the Violet Flame, serving under Saint Germain, Zadkiel directs the Violet Flame of Transmutation and Grace and the Violet Flame Angels of Mercy.  The Violet Flame is the Baptism by Fire and the Holy Spirit mentioned in the Gospels.   Levi pays special homage to Zadkiel as the Angel of Mercy in his hymn Illumination.
In the innermost Circle there’s Joy and there’s gladness;
There’s Peace and there’s freedom from sin and from strife.
The Angel of Mercy will free you from sadness,

And Christ’s Benediction is Eternal Life. - "Illumination," Levi 
The Cosmic Being Holy Amethyst is the feminine Aspect of Archangel Zadkiel.  Holy Amethyst is the Spirit of the Violet Flame, who actually manifests in the Violet Flame, as experienced by the individual bleliever during the Baptism in the Sacred Fire of God.  Holy Amethyst bestows the Virtues of the Mercy and Grace of God unto mankind.  The amethyst gemstone is the tangible emblem of the Violet Flame and was worn by the Jewish high priests' breastplates while in the Temple in Exodus 28, 39; they have been also worn traditionally by Christian bishops.  The amethyst is the 12th and final stone or jewel, that adorns the foundation wall of the Heavenly City of Jerusalem in Revelation 21, representing Perfection and Completion.
**However, the word 'amethyst' does not appear in the Aquarian Gospel.

Archangel Chamuel is the Angel of Love.  Chamuel comes from Latin sources and is a rendering of "The God Who Sees" which is in Hebrew, El-Roi, the angel named by Hagar in Genesis 16.  He is also, the Angel of Gethsemane who comforted and strengthened Jesus the Christ during his Agony in the Garden, mentioned in Luke 22: 43
The Cosmic Being Charity is the feminine Aspect of Chamuel.  Charity is said to have overshadowed Miriam, the Ascended Lady Master Nada.  The Divine Virtue of Charity appears in versions of the Bible as a translation for the Greek word 'Agape,' which means either, Charity or Love. **However, the word 'charity' does not appear in the Aquarian Gospel.

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